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About the Society of Saint Spalding

The Society of Saint Spalding is dedicated to continuing the work of Bishop John Franklin Spalding. He was the first Episcopal Bishop of Colorado and started over 87 congregations in Colorado during his ministry.

The Society of Saint Spalding is an organization that is unapologetically Biblical, Sacramental, and Anglican. Through connection building, friendships, and pastoral care we hope to see Churches thrive again in the "Old West". Lay leaders, Deacons, and Priests are encouraged to join, but at a cost. A reasonable cost of service to God. And a cost of prayer and desperation for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the dry and desolate soil of the Old West. We are committed to establishing and reestablishing Churches throughout towns in the mountain and rural areas of Colorado.

The Society of Saint Spalding is a part of the Anglican Church of North America and the International Diocese.

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Joshua Nelson is a Colorado native with a heart for his home state. He is the current director of the Society of Saint Spalding.

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Phone - 303-994-7077

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