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Church Planting Residency Program

Our Society offers a one-year Residency program. The program's goal is to train and teach a guy or gal to be ready to serve in the needed field of Church planting in Colorado and the greater Rocky Mountains specifically in the realm of small, mountain, and rural towns. The program is around 10 hours a week and is divided into 3 fields. The first field is practical integrated church life. The resident will be plugged into a Colorado Anglican Parish and experience mentorship by the clergy, experience active and integrated church life, and experience fellowship within the church. The second field would be academic training in the Anglican way. This will be overseen by our Society's Academic lead. A list of practical and theological books will be read and discussed. The third field is practical Church planting practicum. This is hands-on for church planting from creating a budget, forming a board, evangelism training, and community building in a small town context.

If interested please email Josh Nelson at

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