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Spalding Society's Circuit Riders


The circuit rider preacher, in the earliest years of the United States, was a clergymen assigned to travel a specific geographic territory. They ministered to established congregations and planted new congregations. Both the Methodist and Episcopal traditions used this model, as did other denominations to reach people in spread out frontiers.

The Circuit Preacher's Call love, to care, to minister, to duly administer the sacraments to the righteous and sinner alike, and stand in the gap as the clergyman of your region. To "be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry

Are you interested?

We are looking for men that are willing to be convocational. Convocational is defined as a job that is done in conjunction with your life as a tent maker. You will be required to serve the communities in your circuit in weekly or monthly services. This service may also include visiting the sick, helping the needy, organizing churches, and preaching the gospel where ever you find yourself. Monthly check-in through Zoom with Society leads and, God willing, a yearly visit by the Bishop. Records will also need to be kept and sent into the Diocese and Society.

If interested please email a resume to Josh Nelson at

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