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Mission Opportunities

The field of Colorado is massive and is in need of many laborers. The Society is always looking for clergy or seminarians interested in planting a church in the Rocky Mountains. There are multiple opportunities available at any given time and the the Society would love to schedule a time for interested planters to come and see the need in small and rural towns across the Front Range, the High Rockies, and the Eastern Plains. 

Current Openings

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Church Planter/Missional Curate

The Society is currently looking for a Priest to train and eventually lead the Anglican Mission in Idaho Springs, Colorado.

The History of Anglicanism in Idaho Springs

An Anglican congregation formed here in the early 1860s. One of the first Churches in Colorado. The Congregation, Calvary Church served the Idaho Springs community for over 150 years. The church was a member of the Episcopal Church until the 1980s when it disaffiliated and bought their building back from the Denomination. As of 2022, the congregation, down to just a handful of members, voted to give the building to Emmaus Anglican Church and join the Anglican Church of North America to help them plant something new and to continue the tradition of carrying for the community.

The Town

Idaho Springs is a town 45 minutes west of Denver into the Mountains and along the I-70 corridor between Denver and the Ski Resorts. Idaho Springs is a bustling community

with a variety of restaurants, unique shops, parks, hiking trails, historical landmarks, and a staggering amount of recreational opportunities. In the summer residents and visitors alike enjoy hiking, biking, rafting, fishing, and a wide variety of other recreations. In the winter skiing and snowboarding take over with nearby ski areas. Loveland and Echo Park are two of the closest. The town has a mining heritage and is home to many mining and historical attractions.


Idaho Springs has seen ups and downs in its economy, its diversity and its population. It has weathered storms that might have led other communities to collapse, always bouncing back in the spirit of its earliest settlers. Recently the town has seen a massive drop in the average age and the school systems has grown rapidly as young families are moving to an area that is close to Denver and areas of recreation. 


The Idaho Springs Mission is overseen by Emmaus Anglican Church in Castle Rock, Colorado and the International Diocese. Emmaus Anglican is providing hands on help with clergy and laity supporting the plant via time and work. The future planter will need to raise support or work a second job but this plant currently owns the 150 year old Anglican Church building. There are 1000 people within a mile of the doors of this church. 

The Mission

Idaho Springs is in desperate need of active Churches. There are over 2,000 people within walking distance of the church building. Idaho Springs has a churched population of under 10%. 

Financial Support

This position will be either completely fundraised or the Curate will need to be con-vocational. 

Practical Support

There are currently three avenues of support in place. Emmaus Anglican Church in Castle Rock Colorado is the mother church and provides finical accountability and practical help. The Spalding Society will provide fellowship, encouragement, and training. Taking the position here would include a year residency program with the Society. This  entails a zoom meeting with the Society once a week and other practical training but is less than a few hours a week. The Mission currently has a retired priest that would facilitate the Curacy. 


This position will be flexible as the planter will need to be able to provide for his family and still lead this fledgling mission.

If interested please email a resume to Josh Nelson at

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